Innovation Principles in the Aluminum Extrusion Profile Die Technologies

Responsibility being eksenAL

Standardized QUALITY with eksenAL

eksenAL, which was founded by Mr. Zafer Topal,in 2007, has found a place among leading companies on the market with customer focused production understanding, following up technologic innovations with modern management. We work with tens of domestic and foreign companies, being active in the field of aluminum.

The technology, which is the global dynamics of the information age, standardized quality insight, environment sensibility, work safety, respect against human and labor will taken as basic arguments by eksenAL in the production and marketing strategies.

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OUR VISION: Our company aims to expand the domestic sales and foreign export net without giving compromise from the quality, by adapting itself to all technological and sociological developments, being pioneer of innovations by increasing the prestige and quality in the field of the production of aluminum extrusion die under corporate identity.

OUR MISSION: The first issue for eksenAL, to meet the needs of customers in the best way possible with the products, produced according to Quality Management System Standards. Our company, of which the main goal is to be a pioneer of the aluminum sector, increases the contribution of the employees to the production process by following up the innovations and training activities.

eksenAL has it established as a mission to reflect the total quality with materials used in the production process, professionalism of the employees by taking the customer reliance as a basis.

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