Inovation in the Aluminum Extrusion Die sector with eksenAL

Meaning added to the steel by actual technology,

experienced human resources and proactive understanding

01-Producibility Analysis

The process starts with the contact of the company, having need of aluminum extrusion profile die with eksenAl. The customer service of eksenAl, tackles the profile specification and range to be produced by the company together with press course and human resource and performs producibility analysis.

02-Conformity Approval

As a result of this analysis, the requirements of the company will be processed through eksenAl experience and brought to functional requests. The diameter of die and number of figures of the profile dies, getting production approval, will be established according to profile size and weight as to work on customer press with highest productivity.

03-Synergy for Success

Profile dies, having no conformity approval, will be brought to a condition a suitaable for production by the design team after information Exchange with the company.

04-Design Office

To the efficient communication environment, created by eksenAL with the X company, the total quality approach is dominated. The process moves with production of 2D-3D die designs by experienced design team of eksenAL.

05-Die Optimization

Simulations of dies, designed as 3D, will be made through software used by the eksenAL analysis team and errors, which could occur during profile production process, can be observed previously. With this application, the ratio to achieve successful result increases.

06-Die Simulation

With the data, obtained through die simulation, it will be secured, that the profile exits at each point equally by balancing the material flow surface until the aluminum reaches to friction surface and by determining the coefficient to the aluminum, which reaches the friction surface.

07-Resistance Analysis

Displacements and stresses occurring on die, will be calculated and the durability of the die will be obtained through simulation software and the last optimization will be made by the engineering team of eksenAL and the project will be sent to production stations.

08-Quality Steel

Taking the design measures of the die, of which design is completed on digital environment, cutting will be made based on the diameter, thickness and type of hot tool-steel and aluminum extrusion profile die steel will be ready to process.


Swedish tool-steel, cut on saw and prepared, will be brought to desired measures before processing on CNC and will be prepared for CNC processing course.

10-CNC Processing Center

It is the processing course of the die parts on CNC, of which turning is completed according to CAM program. Aluminum extrusion profile dies, of which CAM programs are made, will be processed on CNC processing center.

11-Processes prior to heat treatment

On completion of works such as tapping and opening of parts, which are to be used for lifting and transport of the die parts processed on CNC processing center, the aluminum extrusion profile die will be sent to the heat treatment course.

12-Heat Treatment

It is the general treatment in order to develop the hardness and resistance of the aluminum extrusion profile die. It is metallurgical process, in general term, it is done by tempering the processed die at a certain temperature to bring the structure to desired phase.

13-Grinding-Hardness Control

The die parts, brought to desired hardness with heat treatment, will be grinded to the desired measures according to the measures on the design drawing. The hardness of all parts, which are treated will be controlled.

14-CNC Processing after Heat Treatment

Finishing works will be realized on CNC processing center in order to remove the roughness on surfaces of die parts, which are subjected to grinding after heat treatment in order to get smooth aluminum extrusion profile dies.

15-Wire Erosion Process

The phase of wire erosion process of the die, is important to establish the surface roughness of the die. eksenAL, obtains high smooth surfaces through R&D works and used current technology.

16-Ark Erezyon İşlemi Arc Erosion Process

Grinding of the surface will be made by using electrical energy in order to give desired shape to the bush, which is a part of the design. At this stage, precise measurability will be obtained by using CMM.


After the period, which starts by contacting eksenAl of the company, which needs aluminum extrusion profile die, aluminum extrusion profile dies and bushes will be polished and leveled.

18-Leveling and Mounting

Controls of surface processes of the bush and profile dies, which are finished within the established time, the mounting of the die will be made according to total quality approach.

19- Quality Control and Delivery

In the last phase of the production process, the aluminum extrusion profile parts, of which leveling and mounting is completed, will pass through quality department of eksenAL and be ready to deliver.

20- Delivery

Being concordant with the planned time of the delivery at the first step of the production is necessary. As promised before, the goods will be delivered in chest prepared by our company.

21- Feedback

eksenAL, which observes the current technology, experienced human resources and institutional work understanding with an innovative dynamism, the feedback taken from solution partnership will be kept in mind.

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Aluminum Extrusion Mold

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Aluminum Extrusion Mold

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Aluminum Extrusion Mold

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Aluminum Extrusion Mold

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Aluminum Extrusion Mold

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Aluminum Extrusion Mold

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The motto, which eksenAL offers, establishing production criteria and trends with innovative institutional behavior in the sector of Aluminum Extrusion Profile die is the quality without compromise....

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